Empress Essentials
Empress Essentials

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is shipping?

We ship within the first 3 business days. These products are handmade by the owner at this time, so all orders are carefully crafted as they are received. Usually customers in the US receive their orders within the first week of purchasing.  

Is Empress Essentials for all hair types?

Empress Essentials works well for all hair types. It's 100% Organic, it works on oily, normal to dry hair. It's also safe for color treated or permed hair. 

How soon will I see results?

Every scalp is different so we don't guarantee results. But we have received much praise and feedback from our customers who've used our cream and seen results and growth. To date the quickest results from one of our customers emailed us and said they seen results after only 10 days of use. 

Does Empress Essentials work on other parts of the scalp?

Yes! We put emphasis on the edges, simply because it is one of the hardest areas to grow, and so many people have problems with their edges.  Keep in mind that Empress Essentials is a scalp stimulant. So it doesn't thicken hair that you already have. Instead, you will grow thicker, fuller hair from your scalp.  

Does the scalp need to be cleaned prior to treating troubled areas?

Massage our cream into the troubled areas for at least 5-10 seconds 1-2 times daily. Preferably to a clean scalp but doesn't have to be. We have customers who haven't applied it to a clean scalp and have still seen results. We’ve also had many customers who told us they forgot to apply it daily but they still seen results! Customers who've had the best results apply it in the day and before bed time.